Week 47-52: End of year summary

31 December, 2011

Tags: weekly photo

One image every week for the entire year. Almost to end but posting the images got off schedule a few times and very much the last weeks due to moving and holidays.

Week 47: If we fill up an entire row with boxes will they disappear just like in tetris? Please?

Week 48: Last morning living room view in the old apartment. I like the new apartment even better.

Week 49: And to make things really feel like home, we got a real x-mas tree. No phony plastic one..

Week 50: Lucia celebration.

Week 51: Lots of candles in x-mas time.

Week 52: And finally, last image for this year, a very clever toilet door design. I like the creativity with one door for the child and one for the grown up - and after all, my "rules" for the weekly images were creativity and only use cellphone so I think this sums it up quite nicely.

Happy new year!

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