Umeå 2014: Burning Snow

01 February, 2014

Tags: umeå

The official inauguration has taken place! People everywhere downtown and even the bridges surrounding the the spot on the river where the event took place where crowded. Unofficial numbers guess that there were around 55000 people present. People on bridge watching There was a light show with some small flying things (radio controlled helicopters?) that had lights in different colors. One of the patterns they formed was the logo used for the Capital of Culture project. Umeå 2014 logo in the sky Umeå 2014 inauguration fireworks Yes, there were fireworks as well. lightshow And the light show ended with something that resembles the pr image used for the event.

On my way home from the event, I noticed a painting on an ice block that has received much attention in the media for different reasons... ice block painting

Finally, this is different and I like it: art

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