Umeå 2014: Burning Snow

01 February, 2014

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The official inauguration has taken place! People everywhere downtown and even the bridges surrounding the the spot on the river where the event took place where crowded. Unofficial numbers guess that there were around 55000 people present. People on bridge watching There was a light show with some small flying things (radio controlled helicopters?) that had lights in different colors. One of the patterns they formed was the logo used for the Capital of Culture project. Umeå 2014 logo in the sky Umeå 2014 inauguration fireworks Yes, there were fireworks as well. lightshow And the light show ended with something that resembles the pr image used for the event.

On my way home from the event, I noticed a painting on an ice block that has received much attention in the media for different reasons... ice block painting

Finally, this is different and I like it: art


Umeå: European Capital of Culture 2014

31 January, 2014

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Welcome to Umeå!

For being a photo blog, there hasn't been many pictures (or much about anything) lately.That's going to change.

This weekend is the big inauguration for the European Capital of Culture where Umeå is one of the two cities, Riga in Latvia is the other one. The main event in Umeå this weekend is called Burning Snow and takes place tomorrow at 17.00. I think it will be something extra.

Something else I'm looking forward to see is the Guitar museum that is opening downtown. I will definitely bring the camera when going there.

If you're an outsider and happens to visit Umeå, don't be afraid to ask a local, people here are nice and friendly. But if you come by car, I wish you good luck finding a parking space downtown. The politicians here haven't played simcity as kids...


All that glitters is not coltsfoot

06 April, 2013

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The last days have been warm, a few degrees above freezing and the snow is melting. On my way home from work yesterday, I found three coltsfoot in a sunny slope. Couldn't resist taking a photo of them - first spring flowers I've seen this year. Coltsfoot


Funny thing, when I got home I could read in one of the local newspapers "Here is the proof - spring is here" and there was a picture of some yellow flowers. A reader had sent in the picture along with the words "Found spring in Holmsund" (Holmsund is a place near Umeå). Someone at the newspaper posted the image and added some text saying it's coltsfoot when it's really dandelions. That's first grade knowledge and every kid can tell these flowers apart. The newspaper text has been slightly changed after many readers gave helpful comments saying what flower it really is..


Photo triplet: Buildings and architecture

17 March, 2013

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One of the more recent buildings in my close vicinity is the new train station, "Umeå Östra". It's located close to the University hospital (NUS) and the Umeå University campus area. There is also another station, Umeå Central 2km away but in my opinion it's not really needed anymore. The Umeå East train station seen from the lower entrance Escalator within the Umeå East train station Part of the wood and glass structure the station is made of Umeå Östra is mostly made of wood and glass and has a very characteristic look, specially since the walls are not vertical, but angled slightly outwards.
More triplets can be found at fototriss, also, feel free to leave comments and feedback in English or Swedish.


Refused live in Umeå!

05 January, 2013

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During the 90s, Umeå had a big hardcore scene and one of the most known bands were Refused. They split up in 1998 and despite that, they are bigger than ever.

The rumours of them reuniting made me happy... and then a secret gig at Scharinska in Umeå (which me and many others would like to have seen) followed by a world tour with an epic final in Umeå. Picked up tickets for the show the same day they were released.

Refused live in Umeå, 15th December 2012: All images shot with a phone - I was there for the music and didn't have time to mess around with photo gear.

The opening acts before Refused were "Two White Horses", "Randy" and "Råd Kjetil Senza Testa" who all made it into an awesome night!


Wildlife: roe deers

08 February, 2012

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Been working on redesigning the page a bit and there are stil a few more things I want to do and this caused a small break from posting new things. That little break hasn't stopped me from photographing things.

I have a list of different wild animals I want to photo and it will be interesting to see how many of them I'll manage to get before the end of this year. Saw a couple of elks the other night, they were partly hidden behind some trees. Unfortunately it was way to dark at 1 AM to catch them - but I did have the camera at hand.

For now, some roe deers caught during better light conditions: four roe deers



07 January, 2012

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New year and besides meeting friends and having a nice dinner, there's the chance to photo fireworks which can't be missed! The big fireworks were supposed to be downtown but we had no plans of going there, instead we went outside to a small hill and waited to see what would be launched nearby.

I felt a bit rusty and in the start I looked in one direction and something nice went off behind my back - but then I got on a roll and got several shots I'm happy with.

Technical stuff: shooting raw, manual mode, f/5, bulb mode, iso 100, tripod, remote trigger.
Software: digikam for raw conversion and lens correction, gimp for rotating and cropping.


Week 46: Hearts

26 November, 2011

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Tomorrow is the last day of the Umeå light festival for this year. I wish it would be around longer, but the two installations from this year will be made permanent and that's a good thing. I think all these red hearts has the same origin, a light festival many years ago, but they've been around so long that I'm not sure. Whichever, I like them.

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