Week 47-52: End of year summary

31 December, 2011

Tags: weekly photo

One image every week for the entire year. Almost to end but posting the images got off schedule a few times and very much the last weeks due to moving and holidays.

Week 47: If we fill up an entire row with boxes will they disappear just like in tetris? Please?

Week 48: Last morning living room view in the old apartment. I like the new apartment even better.

Week 49: And to make things really feel like home, we got a real x-mas tree. No phony plastic one..

Week 50: Lucia celebration.

Week 51: Lots of candles in x-mas time.

Week 52: And finally, last image for this year, a very clever toilet door design. I like the creativity with one door for the child and one for the grown up - and after all, my "rules" for the weekly images were creativity and only use cellphone so I think this sums it up quite nicely.

Happy new year!


Week 46: Hearts

26 November, 2011

Tags: umeå, weekly photo

Tomorrow is the last day of the Umeå light festival for this year. I wish it would be around longer, but the two installations from this year will be made permanent and that's a good thing. I think all these red hearts has the same origin, a light festival many years ago, but they've been around so long that I'm not sure. Whichever, I like them.


Week 45: "Glögg" premiere!

19 November, 2011

Tags: weekly photo

One of the great things with winter is that it's the time of year one drinks glögg (mulled wine) and some friends visited the other evening and brought with them a bottle of chili-chocolate flavored glögg. Sounded a bit strange first, but tasted great!


Week 44: November balcony

12 November, 2011

Tags: weekly photo

I think it was in September that we cleaned the balcony and took down all the plants we grew this year.. tomatoes and many other things. Some things that can survive the winter up here where placed in a special pot and we placed planting fabric over it.. the plan was to then cover it all under snow after we have moved to the new place.

For some strange reason it's still very warm outside, +5C right now and no snow at all hardly anywhere in Sweden. So we've been checking on our plants that should be resting for the winter and they're still green so we still have to water them when I expected them to be frozen.


Week 43: Please turn on the light

03 November, 2011

Tags: weekly photo

It's the time of the year when it's dark, grey, wet, windy and so on. When taking the bike to work one has to be on the lookout if one should arrive with still clean and dry clothes.

If autumn at least could be dry, then it wouldn't be that bad that it get's dark outside before I get home from work every day. Besides the coffee machine at work had some issues and didn't work properly for a few days, it's still been a very productive week! Now only if it could come some snow and it would stay, things would be really awesome.


Week 42: The grass ain't greener on the other side

25 October, 2011

Tags: nature, weekly photo

I've been thinking about what patience it takes to photograph wild animals, waiting, hiding and perhaps come home empty handed. Also the equipment requirements to get close enough. Some of the stunning photos I've seen have been taken with 500mm and teleconverter. Would be interesting to try and learn since it's quite different to the photos I take normally. Ohh well, here's an animal, but not a wild one. Had some help who tried to hand out some not-so-green grass to get a better pose, but apparently it wasn't that tempting :)


Week 41: The leaves are falling down..

17 October, 2011

Tags: nature, umeå, weekly photo

Some might say this is wrong, a photo of leaves, and none of them from a birch - me leaving in the city of birches and all... but I couldn't resist. The grass is green, but this thick layer of newly fallen leaves managed to hide it completely.

Soon it'll all be hidden away under snow, and that would be real nice, making it brighter again outside. We're currently loosing 45mins sunlight/week.


Week 40: The little things..

09 October, 2011

Tags: flowers, weekly photo

Some stairwells are dark and boring, but I've seen one which is different: someone has placed some flowers by one of the windows between the first and second floor. Makes the dark stairwell (where it's really hard to take photos) feel much more alive. I like it alot and that's the reason I picked this image and didn't remove it right away.

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