Wildlife: squirrel

10 February, 2012

Tags: wildlife

I'm amazed that some animals manage to find food during the winter when everything is hidden under a deep layer of snow. There are also people who feed birds etc. during the winter. Those birds are nice to look at, but I spotted a different guest the other day:
hungry squirrel
Apparently, the bird food caught the interest of a squirrel. Think it has been there before a couple of times as well since the snow has often been missing on that part of the branch where the squirrel is sitting.
acrobatic squirrel stealing bird food
Went real quick but I managed to get a shot of it, the squirrel hanging down from the branch and stealing some food, then it sat there and ate before hurrying away.


Wildlife: roe deers

08 February, 2012

Tags: umeå, wildlife

Been working on redesigning the page a bit and there are stil a few more things I want to do and this caused a small break from posting new things. That little break hasn't stopped me from photographing things.

I have a list of different wild animals I want to photo and it will be interesting to see how many of them I'll manage to get before the end of this year. Saw a couple of elks the other night, they were partly hidden behind some trees. Unfortunately it was way to dark at 1 AM to catch them - but I did have the camera at hand.

For now, some roe deers caught during better light conditions: four roe deers