Week 16: Easter

25 April, 2011

Tags: weekly photo

It has been real nice with a four day long weekend. As a bonus, I haven't been able to use my laptop and the downside is that I haven't been able to use my dslr camera neither.

Why? Well, they have been hooked up to take an image every ~2.5minute of some plants growing. It turned into a quite nice time-lapse movie. I'll like the result and this was the first, but definitely not the last time I did something like this.



20 April, 2011

Tags: flowers, nature

Flowers weren't the only signs of spring that we found a few days ago. We spotted a really big bumblebee that caused the flowers to bend when it was checking them for nectar.

I really like these small creatures, specially when they visit our balcony and pollinate the runner beans we grow there.

Next time I'll shoot flowers and bees, I'll use another camera where it's possible to set the shutter speed :)


Week 15: Crocus

17 April, 2011

Tags: flowers, weekly photo

I have been continuing my search for spring and found lots of different flowers, crocus, hepatica and even dandelion - but still no coltsfoot. Feels a bit strange, I've never seen dandelion earlier in the season than coltsfoot before.

Besides from that, it has been an awesome and busy weekend, seen a students' farce and earlier today the most recent show made by the humor group Klungan.


Waiting for spring flowers

13 April, 2011

Tags: flowers

Spring is here but it's moving slowly. I haven't found any coltsfoot yet and I look at the usual good spots on my way to and from work. At least, workers are busy removing all the gravel from the bicycle paths which is really awesome and soon it's time to bring out the road bike.

The image? Since I don't find any flowers outside, I'll post some here instead. Saw them at a plant store and as usual, I don't know what kind of flower it is.


Week 14: Coffee and sunshine!

10 April, 2011

Tags: weekly photo

Bright sunlight, the sun high up on the sky and no clouds at all, not the best conditions for taking photos and specially not with a cellphone. But today I didn't care at all. This image is to celebrate that this weekend, we had the first cup of coffee on the balcony in the sunshine.


Photo triplet: still life photography

10 April, 2011

Tags: fototriss

This weeks fototriss challenge is still life photography - nice theme since it leaves much room for creativity.
First idea that came to mind included fruit and food. Unfortunately, I woke up with what I thought would be a cold and there wasn't much fruit at home so it had to be spiced up in another way. For the other photos, my girlfriend let me borrow some yarn with nice colors and she gave me the idea about plants and seeds since we're in the process of planing what to grow on the balcony. I think it turned out quite okay.

kiwifruit yarn runner beans to be

The purple seeds are runner beans and they'll be planted a few weeks from now.


Colorful houses

06 April, 2011

Tags: none

I had fun making the photo triplet last weekend and started thinking, what if I had done the previous one - what would I have selected?

I think this house and the ones around it would have been on one of the images.


Week 13: Balcony plans

03 April, 2011

Tags: flowers, weekly photo

Last night I fell asleep listening to the sound of water dripping from the roof. Real nice knowing that there'll be less snow tomorrow...

We've made some plans for what to grow on the balcony and since the white wild strawberries survived the winter, there's something to really look forward to when the autumn comes!

We took a trip around town to pick up some gardening supplies and in one of the stores I saw this aloe plant I really liked.

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