Passion fruit

30 March, 2011

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A few weeks ago I mentioned the passion fruit vines. They hit the roof literally and were taken down and replanted and placed around a curved bamboo plant support. Words are not enough, I need of picture of it later when I got proper lighting in the room.

Anyway, the vines measured 2.5m and it's amazing it started from a small fruit.


Week 12: Tree rose

26 March, 2011

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Two years ago there were some trees downtown that were old and had to be taken down. Parts of them were left and turned into sculptures by a man with a chainsaw.

There were much debate about these roses and some people find them despicable. I really like these flowers and is really happy that they are still standing!



23 March, 2011

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I like games with a good mix of strategy and some luck. Chromino is one such game and we picked it up when we had played a bit to much domino and needed some variation.

Most games are better with 3-4 players, but both domino and chromino works fine with just 2 and that's great when waiting for the after-dinner-coffee to get ready.


Week 11: Sushi

20 March, 2011

Tags: umeå, weekly photo

We had decided to spend Saturday downtown and do some shopping. Almost as if controlled by remote, the weather was awesome and seeing some asphalt free of snow felt real nice.

We had lunch at Sagami which has the best sushi in town according to me (Sushibar Shogun is the worst, don't go there). I had a hard time to decide which photo to use this week, the runner up was a photo of a small paper crane which was part of the decoration at Sagami.



16 March, 2011

Tags: games

On Wednesdays, I allow myself to reuse pictures, but this one could have been from today. First we had a nice dinner with some friends - which I prepared being inspired by marinated chicken and noodles I ate a few weeks ago.

Then we played a round of Power Grid followed by some Chromino. The latter, which is shown in the photo, has some similarities with domino and is quite fun and is quick to play.


Week 10: Morning coffee

13 March, 2011

Tags: weekly photo

I like breakfast, specially that first cup of coffee in the morning. Besides from coffee, I usually eat, yes - you guessed it, porridge.

I've tried many different kinds of porridge and been thinking of posting pictures and reviews just for fun. Until then, if it happens, stay away from buckwheat porridge.



09 March, 2011

Tags: flowers

I like taking photos of flowers and plants over time to see how the grow and evolve. My favorite is the plant that started of with some seeds from a passion fruit and is now a tall vine that has reached the ceiling.

This photo is of some sort of asparagus-related plant. Last time it was replanted, it was split into two and I've brought the other part with me to my workplace at the university.


Week 09: Tulips

06 March, 2011

Tags: flowers, weekly photo

The balcony is soon free of snow, but green grass is still a couple of weeks away. Until then, more flowers inside!

The weekend that has just passed was real nice, mom visited us and besides from playing different boardgames we went to a local museum and by accident we found a photo exhibition by a real famous Swedish photograph that comes from my home area.

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