Photo triplet: victory / winning

03 April, 2011

Tags: fototriss, games

I've been thinking about trying out some photo challenge where someone else picks the theme and this is my interpretation of fototriss number 132, victory/winning.

scrabble reversi chess

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23 March, 2011

Tags: games

I like games with a good mix of strategy and some luck. Chromino is one such game and we picked it up when we had played a bit to much domino and needed some variation.

Most games are better with 3-4 players, but both domino and chromino works fine with just 2 and that's great when waiting for the after-dinner-coffee to get ready.



16 March, 2011

Tags: games

On Wednesdays, I allow myself to reuse pictures, but this one could have been from today. First we had a nice dinner with some friends - which I prepared being inspired by marinated chicken and noodles I ate a few weeks ago.

Then we played a round of Power Grid followed by some Chromino. The latter, which is shown in the photo, has some similarities with domino and is quite fun and is quick to play.


Week 02: Power grid

15 January, 2011

Tags: games, weekly photo

When it's -20C outside, I'd rather stay inside and this afternoon we decided to "play" power grid so we'd know the rules well and can introduce it to some of our game playing friends.

To better understand the dynamics, we added an imaginary player for which we together decided the tactics. Guess what, it won. Well, we know the rules by heart now and next time there'll be just human players!

So far, I recommend Power grid.