Week 25: Shall I take your coat?

29 June, 2011

Tags: weekly photo

My brother and two others are sharing an apartment. One of them has studied some anatomy and happens to have a skeleton. I guess it could be useful when learning the Latin name of all the different bones. But what do you do with it when you're done and have masted all the different names?

Give the skeleton a hat, put it in the entrance to greet guests! Awesome, I really like their idea :)


Photo triplet: Can you guess the theme?

25 June, 2011

Tags: fototriss

Nice with a real long weekend and even better, I have time to participate with a photo triplet, unfortunately after this triplet there will be a summer break. Just when I have time and got started again! The theme at fototriss this week is pick your own theme and let's see if others can guess what it is.

Went on a trip with the camera to an old (medieval?) church which should be a nice photo spot, but as soon as we got into the car it started raining and when we arrived, it rained more than ever. We stayed in the car and decided to postpone the excursion and I'd come up with something for the triplet at home instead.

matches lighter match burning

So what do you think the theme is? I'll post the right answer as a comment tomorrow.


Week 24: Vättern

20 June, 2011

Tags: weekly photo

Early this morning I got home from a quick weekend trip to Motala. This image is from Varamon where I had pasta before cycling the 300km which makes up Vätternrundan. One lap around Swedens second biggest lake. Now it's only three days until weekend and hopefully I can catch up with some of the things that are on my backlog besides from the photo projects I've been thinking about.


Week 23: Fruits

13 June, 2011

Tags: weekly photo

I wrote before about how I wanted to photograph pomegranate but had trouble doing so. Finally, I've managed to do it :)

The bananas are porridge-bananas, nice and easy to make porridge in the microwave oven and then eat it with banana and cinnamon. Awesome start of the day as long as I also get a cup of coffee.


Week 22: Reclaim the balcony!

06 June, 2011

Tags: weekly photo

We've been having a small growing tent on the balcony for the beans and flowers to help them handle the cold nights. Now we're confident that there will be no nights with minus degrees so the tent is removed and all the plants have been replanted at their final positions. Also, the tomato plants has moved outside. Didn't get that crowded on the balcony as we fear so we can still sit there in the sunshine and drink coffee :)

The image shows the wild strawberries that we're growing. The berries will be white when they're ready and they're really tasty.


Week 21: Busy days..

02 June, 2011

Tags: flowers, weekly photo

Getting slightly out of sync with my schedule, been lots of things going on - both the last week and this one.

These roses where given away as part of a birthday present and they look as good now as 5 days ago!