Photo triplet: Can you tell the theme behind these pictures?

07 April, 2013

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Sunday morning, breakfast coffee, trying to ignore the fact that about 10cm of snow has fallen since last night. The theme for this weeks photo triplet is pick your own and see if the others can guess what it is. Providing a big contrast to what's going on outside, here are my three images:


Those that read the cyberphoto blog (I'm not getting paid to say it, but that's where I pick up most of my photo gear) will most likely already know where these photos were taken.

So, what do you think the theme is? More unknown themes can be found here.


Photo triplet: My Easter

30 March, 2013

Tags: fototriss

Easter, we've been looking forward for this extra long weekend, giving us a chance to catch up on some of the things that needs to be done at home. I'm not really a fan of eating eggs, but they do look nice when painted.

Painted eggs

Guessed it would be crowded at the store on Thursday so we went there Friday morning (yes morning!) instead and the best things, besides having a full fridge, were the tulips we found and Zeunerts Påskmust. Not Easter without Påskmust.


Earlier today, when being outside enjoying the sun, this yellow bird showed up and sang and since it's Easter, we can call it a fluffy chicken, right? :)

Great tit bird sitting in a birch tree

Wild birds is not something I've photographed much before and I've set a challenge for myself to do more of it and catch at least a certain number of different species before this year is over - and at the same time, I might get better at telling different species apart.


Other interpretations can be seen here.


Photo triplet: Silhouettes

23 March, 2013

Tags: fototriss

A new theme over at fototriss, silhouettes. I like the theme and also if photographing towards the sun, it can tell technical details about the lens - the shape of the lens flare is determined by the number of diaphragm blades.

Here goes, my triplet:


Other interpretations can be seen here.


Photo triplet: Buildings and architecture

17 March, 2013

Tags: fototriss, umeå

One of the more recent buildings in my close vicinity is the new train station, "Umeå Östra". It's located close to the University hospital (NUS) and the Umeå University campus area. There is also another station, Umeå Central 2km away but in my opinion it's not really needed anymore. The Umeå East train station seen from the lower entrance Escalator within the Umeå East train station Part of the wood and glass structure the station is made of Umeå Östra is mostly made of wood and glass and has a very characteristic look, specially since the walls are not vertical, but angled slightly outwards.
More triplets can be found at fototriss, also, feel free to leave comments and feedback in English or Swedish.


Photo triplet: Worth visiting

17 December, 2011

Tags: fototriss, travel

Saturday again and time again to move furniture and boxes - this time it's luckily not our stuff, but time to help a friend (who helped us recently) to move. No time for rest!

Knew about the theme the whole day and had time to think and I knew exactly which pictures I'd like to use, but my main concern was their quality.. taken several years ago with a 3MP camera that was made 2003. Settings? I think ISO and image size where roughly all that could be adjusted. Anyway, the images are from a trip though Europe and this particular destination is Plitvice lakes in Croatia. Saw pictures of it on the web and decided that I'd want to go there some time and I did 4 years later.

It consists of several lakes that are interconnected and lots of waterfalls, beautiful place and the sound from the water is magical. Go there during the summer and visit the park early in the day before all the tourists gets there.

The place is a national park and there are many different paths where one can walk around.

Feel free to leave comments and feedback (även på svenska). More photo triplets can be seen here.


Photo triplet: three

10 December, 2011

Tags: fototriss, travel

Spent the last weekend moving and we're still busy with unpacking things, but it's nice to be able to take a break and come up with something for the photo triplet.
The theme is "three" and there is also a competition this week. We're supposed to pick a favorite among Solresors different destinations. I find that a bit strange, how can I do that when I haven't been to those places except Dubai a very long time before they started building like crazy - but was only on the ground long enough for the plane to refuel and head on.

So if I should pick something, I guess it would be Dubai and see what is has turned into.

For the triplet, I stayed with the travel idea and want to visualize it with images from three different continents:

First, pyramids at Giza, Egypt, then Chocolate Hills on Bohol in the Philippines. Finally, where the Mid-Atlantic Ridge crosses Iceland.

Update: forgot to write it when I made the post, but the three different places has another thing in common, they are all listed on UNESCOs world heritage list.


Photo triplet: cozy

26 November, 2011

Tags: fototriss

Saturdays, I usually like them a lot, but today it felt more like only two more days 'til I get back to work and can relax. It's nice to wake up without the alarm clock buzzing, but then live tetris: packing stuff into boxes, and then arranging the boxes so the flat still feels like a home. Several hours later, it feels quite good, if we manage to accomplish the same thing tomorrow we'll be ready for next weekend when we'll get help to move all the stuff to the new bigger apartment,

After a long day, it's nice to turn off the lamps and light some candles instead, sit down together and have some evening fika. The whisky cake we made a week ago was considered ready and tasted just as good as last year! It's a tradition we have to make this cake and have it ready around the first of Advent.

Was thinking of having more "before and after" feeling in the last two images but couldn't risk loosing my share of the fika.. :)

More photo triplets can be seen here.


Photo triplet: Framed

19 November, 2011

Tags: fototriss

New weekend, new photo triplet with the theme "framed", which allows for many different interpretations.

We're moving soon and things are a bit messy, packing boxes, throwing stuff away and arranging things, so the idea is that everything is art if you put a frame around it.
In times like these, it's extra nice when things - such as the light festival downtown - happen so one gets a reason to head out and relax for a while and forget about all the boxes that's waiting back home.

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