Week 42: The grass ain't greener on the other side

25 October, 2011

Tags: nature, weekly photo

I've been thinking about what patience it takes to photograph wild animals, waiting, hiding and perhaps come home empty handed. Also the equipment requirements to get close enough. Some of the stunning photos I've seen have been taken with 500mm and teleconverter. Would be interesting to try and learn since it's quite different to the photos I take normally. Ohh well, here's an animal, but not a wild one. Had some help who tried to hand out some not-so-green grass to get a better pose, but apparently it wasn't that tempting :)


Week 41: The leaves are falling down..

17 October, 2011

Tags: nature, umeå, weekly photo

Some might say this is wrong, a photo of leaves, and none of them from a birch - me leaving in the city of birches and all... but I couldn't resist. The grass is green, but this thick layer of newly fallen leaves managed to hide it completely.

Soon it'll all be hidden away under snow, and that would be real nice, making it brighter again outside. We're currently loosing 45mins sunlight/week.


Week 37: Autumn part 1

03 October, 2011

Tags: nature, umeå, weekly photo

Autumn is an interesting time of the year, seems like the days are either awesome and beautiful or greyish and raining. So when the weather allows it, time is best spent outdoors.


Week 33: Soured herring

22 August, 2011

Tags: nature, weekly photo

I like fish, most kind of fish but soured herring is just wrong! Last week I spent a few days on an island called Ulvön which is famous for it's production of that kind of fish. Luckily I managed to avoid tasting it, but I couldn't avoid the aggressive smell. Still, it's a nice fishing village located in the High Coast area and well worth a visit.


Photo triplet: many

15 May, 2011

Tags: fototriss, nature

New weekend, new theme over at fototriss. This time it's "many". The reason was that there has been several photo triplets with many different themes - so illustrate "many" with 3 images.

Got a couple of different ideas, but I felt something was missing. Many, many... then it struck me, I've taken many images very recently (about 2000 over a timespan of 3 days) and each individual image is not very interesting, but seen together they create something more. Perhaps the photo triplets are just like that, one triplet can be very interesting and beautiful, but seeing several different triplets expressing the same theme in different ways creates something more.

runner beans growing, 6h between each image

These three images were taken at 16.00, 22.00 an 04.00. They are part of a time-lapse experiment I made and turned into a short movie.

Feel free to leave comments and feedback (Även på svenska).


Photo triplet: dreams

08 May, 2011

Tags: fototriss, nature

I noticed that the photo triplet has returned after a few weeks pause. This time, the theme is dreams and after some breakfast coffee and some contemplation an idea was formed.

Plants and perhaps homegrown fruit/vegetables

Fruits and vegetables from the local store is okay, but homegrown things tastes better and we have some different plants we're taking good care of and dreams about what they'll give us later on this summer.

Yes, I know there won't be any lemons this year or the next but I can wait. Our passion fruit plants are about a year old and we're waiting and dreaming about fruit from them as well!



20 April, 2011

Tags: flowers, nature

Flowers weren't the only signs of spring that we found a few days ago. We spotted a really big bumblebee that caused the flowers to bend when it was checking them for nectar.

I really like these small creatures, specially when they visit our balcony and pollinate the runner beans we grow there.

Next time I'll shoot flowers and bees, I'll use another camera where it's possible to set the shutter speed :)


Week 04: Living room view

29 January, 2011

Tags: nature, weekly photo

In December, it's dark when I wake up, It's dark when I head to work. Yes, it's dark again when I get home.

I like the sun and light, and light is an important aspect when taking photos. We've gained 2.5h sunlight since winter solstice and this is what I could see through the living room window earlier this week - before heading to work.

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