Week 10: Morning coffee

13 March, 2011

Tags: weekly photo

I like breakfast, specially that first cup of coffee in the morning. Besides from coffee, I usually eat, yes - you guessed it, porridge.

I've tried many different kinds of porridge and been thinking of posting pictures and reviews just for fun. Until then, if it happens, stay away from buckwheat porridge.

Powered By Porridge2011-03-14 21:28:48
Perhaps it's common knowledge, but I forgot to write that Gevalia is the latin name of the city of Gävle, the same place as where the coffee is being made.
Socktrollet2011-03-17 21:13:30
Kan man odla kaffe i Gävle? ;)
Powered By Porridge2011-03-17 22:12:15
Nja.. inte direkt, men det rostas kaffeböner i Gävle.
Ny Teknik skrev om det nyligen: Varenda böna måste hitta rätt rör.

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