23 March, 2011

Tags: games

I like games with a good mix of strategy and some luck. Chromino is one such game and we picked it up when we had played a bit to much domino and needed some variation.

Most games are better with 3-4 players, but both domino and chromino works fine with just 2 and that's great when waiting for the after-dinner-coffee to get ready.

Socktrollet2011-03-24 15:02:01
Or at breakfast...
Margareta2011-03-25 17:17:54
Hej! Spelade Domino med Björn och Gunvor idag. Gunvor vann. Spansk domino är ett roligt spel.
Powered By Porridge2011-03-25 20:40:29
Har ni provat att spela på fyra någon gång ännu?
Margareta2011-03-26 21:27:13
Hej! Vi har inte spelat fyra ännu.

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