Photo triplet: dreams

08 May, 2011

Tags: fototriss, nature

I noticed that the photo triplet has returned after a few weeks pause. This time, the theme is dreams and after some breakfast coffee and some contemplation an idea was formed.

Plants and perhaps homegrown fruit/vegetables

Fruits and vegetables from the local store is okay, but homegrown things tastes better and we have some different plants we're taking good care of and dreams about what they'll give us later on this summer.

Yes, I know there won't be any lemons this year or the next but I can wait. Our passion fruit plants are about a year old and we're waiting and dreaming about fruit from them as well!

miss_cat2011-05-08 00:04:17
Oh Id love home made vegetables and fruits, nice triss!
Axart2011-05-08 00:04:36
Very nice dreams, and nice pictures to :) AX
Marie2011-05-08 00:12:45
Keep on dreaming...;-D
Barnens Hjältar2011-05-08 00:27:56
Haha justa drömmar! Bra triss!
Barbro S2011-05-08 00:46:45
Nice colourful fruity dreamphotos. I also share some of them and tomatoes I get every year.
Yvonne2011-05-08 08:50:56
Det var bra tänkt!
Nett2011-05-08 09:10:00
En helt underbar triss :)
Anna ..dansar in2011-05-08 11:36:53
Himmel vilken trevlig triss..helt i min smak..eftersom jag fullt ut utövar den här sortens finesser..coola bilder..
Monica2011-05-08 17:30:56
Wonderful :)
Anette2011-05-08 18:01:28
Beautiful photos :)
The one and only Nettan2011-05-08 20:04:45
Gillar dina drömmar. Och bilderna är riktigt läckra / Nettan
Tinefis2011-05-09 05:17:54
If I only had the time, I would create my own vegetable garden, herb garden, and fruit orchard. Nice triss!!
Bibbi2011-05-10 17:49:21
Håller helt med dig. Fina bilder du fick av din idé. /Bibbi
Marie-Louise2011-05-10 20:30:50
Vilka härliga bilder, en fin tolkning av trissen :)
Jah Hollis2011-05-11 18:15:03
En dröm som bär frukt. Inte illa. Not bad. :-)
Powered By Porridge2011-05-11 19:47:58
Trevligt med kommentarer och feedback - extra kul att se att så vitt skilda idéer dök upp i trissen! Många wow-stunder när jag kollat på andras bilder :)

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