Photo triplet: many

15 May, 2011

Tags: fototriss, nature

New weekend, new theme over at fototriss. This time it's "many". The reason was that there has been several photo triplets with many different themes - so illustrate "many" with 3 images.

Got a couple of different ideas, but I felt something was missing. Many, many... then it struck me, I've taken many images very recently (about 2000 over a timespan of 3 days) and each individual image is not very interesting, but seen together they create something more. Perhaps the photo triplets are just like that, one triplet can be very interesting and beautiful, but seeing several different triplets expressing the same theme in different ways creates something more.

runner beans growing, 6h between each image

These three images were taken at 16.00, 22.00 an 04.00. They are part of a time-lapse experiment I made and turned into a short movie.

Feel free to leave comments and feedback (Även på svenska).

Maria G2011-05-15 02:32:21
Snygg och fin triss! HA en bra dag!
Karoleen2011-05-15 11:11:01
Nice to see your plants growing tall. What kind of plants are they? Do you make alot of short movies?
Barnens Hjältar2011-05-15 14:05:18
Ja nybakade bullar is da thing ;-) Tjusig triss!!
Powered By Porridge2011-05-15 22:45:45
The tall ones in the front that grow really fast are runner beans. Then there's also sweat pea and chard in the box.
Tinefis2011-05-16 02:58:59
Vad kul! Bra triss, och har precis kollat in din video oxå. Alltid intressant med timelapse, kanske speciellt med växter. =o)
Powered By Porridge2011-05-16 08:04:50
Ja speciellt växter, händer mycket där som man annars inte får se. Är ganska sugen på att rigga upp sakerna igen och fota "klättertrådarna" från en passionsfruktsranka. Men det jobbiga är att bli utan laptop och systemkamera medans de sakerna sköter sig själv :)
Anni2011-05-16 11:35:47
Vilken totalt annorlunda och mycket kreativ triss! Gillar skarpt!
Jah Hollis2011-05-16 20:00:45
Snyggt: gäller både bilder och film.

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