Umeå Autumn Light: City of my dreams

19 November, 2011

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Every autumn/winter there is a light festival in Umeå, "Umeå Höstljus". This year it's called "Mina drömmars stad" / "City of my dreams" and contains 21 temporary installations and 2 permanent ones. More info and map can be found at Umeå Höstljus (pdf file, bottom right corner).

The first image is from item 23, where they have lit up some glass windows in the city church. Then item 21, "the sound wave" hanging under a bridge. After that a bonus picture not part of the festival, but I thought I'd point the camera that way anyway :)

The last two images are from the Twin city park where thousands of small lamps where lit.

My hands got a bit cold towards the end and time was running out and the parking meter so we didn't check out all the installations, but I'll definitely head back with the camera and check out the rest soon!


Week 41: The leaves are falling down..

17 October, 2011

Tags: nature, umeå, weekly photo

Some might say this is wrong, a photo of leaves, and none of them from a birch - me leaving in the city of birches and all... but I couldn't resist. The grass is green, but this thick layer of newly fallen leaves managed to hide it completely.

Soon it'll all be hidden away under snow, and that would be real nice, making it brighter again outside. We're currently loosing 45mins sunlight/week.


Photo triplet: monochrome

15 October, 2011

Tags: fototriss, umeå

The Autumn colors are here and all around us and we had planed a trip to an arboretum close by with different kinds of trees from all over the world. A camera, peaceful nature and the sound of the river - a great way to spend a Saturday, specially when the sun is shining.

That didn't match the theme at fototriss, but on our way there, we passed by an old stone church from the 1500-hundreds which I thought would be great in black and white and make a triplet:

Church Gravestones Gate Feel free to leave comments and feedback (även på svenska).


Week 39: Autumn part 3

03 October, 2011

Tags: umeå, weekly photo

I like all the new colors during the autumn, it sort of makes up for the grey weather and the rain.


Week 37: Autumn part 1

03 October, 2011

Tags: nature, umeå, weekly photo

Autumn is an interesting time of the year, seems like the days are either awesome and beautiful or greyish and raining. So when the weather allows it, time is best spent outdoors.


Week 20: City of Birches

22 May, 2011

Tags: umeå, weekly photo

It's amazing what happens when all the birches get leaves during the late spring. Nothing, then nothing and then after just a few days it's completely green outside.

The reason why Umeå is called the city of birches has to do with that many birches were planted after the big fire in 1888 as a way to prevent fires from spreading.


Week 17: Walpurgis Night bonfire

01 May, 2011

Tags: umeå, weekly photo

Walpurgis Night is commonly celebrated in northern Europe and in Sweden we usually light bonfires. In Umeå, the main fire was located at the university campus. Lots of people were present, but the thing that caught my eye the most was the shape of the smoke that seemed to live a life of its own. First something that resembled a mushroom and then this..


Week 12: Tree rose

26 March, 2011

Tags: flowers, umeå, weekly photo

Two years ago there were some trees downtown that were old and had to be taken down. Parts of them were left and turned into sculptures by a man with a chainsaw.

There were much debate about these roses and some people find them despicable. I really like these flowers and is really happy that they are still standing!

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