Photo triplet: Femininity

12 November, 2011

Tags: fototriss

Two weeks ago, the theme at fototriss was masculinity - this time it's the opposite: femininity. When I grew up my mom and grandma used to knit socks and stuff for me. I'm lucky man, my wife also knits and sometimes I do get a pair of new socks so for me, a knitting basket with yarn and related tools is something I associate with femininity.

I do know that some men also knit but that won't change my mind, and overall, I'm very grateful for what the textile industry have done, without them we might not have had computers.

In case the middle image looks strange, I've been taught it's a quite new kind of new knitting needles where one can combine needles with the right size with a cable for round knitting.


Photo triplet: "Så här ser det ut där jag är"

05 November, 2011

Tags: fototriss

Saturday and a new theme is up at fototriss, this time what it looks like where you are. Will be interesting to see the results since people are spread out geographically.

It's really grey outside today with fog and rain in the air so I don't want to go outside with the camera. Both the body and my favorite lens are supposed to have some weather sealing but I don't want to find the limit..

Instead, I'm using images I've taken the last weekends when I've hurried outside as soon as the sun has been out! What differs compared to today is of course the color of the sky and also that some more leaves have fallen. The larch trees look about the same - I pass by some almost every day.


Photo triplet: masculinity

29 October, 2011

Tags: fototriss

This weeks photo challenge at photo triplet has the theme "masculinity" and the idea behind this triplet is the changes and differences between boys and men.

That is, boys (and girls for that matter) want to do like their parents and vacuuming seems like a fun thing (heh, if they only knew). And the stove, what a technological wonder, what delicious things that can be prepared. If the stove is made paper and the saucepan of plastic doesn't matter, the imaginary soup will still turn out great.

But the biggest change between boys and men must still be the price for "toys"...

Feel free to leave comments and feedback (även på svenska).


Photo triplet: In the kitchen

22 October, 2011

Tags: fototriss

New Saturday and a new photo triplet challenge, this time with the theme "in the kitchen".

After bouncing around a few ideas, I skipped making a tribute to all kitchen machines (dishwasher, microwave, coffee machine) I can't really be without. Instead this triplet has a another thread through it, how my morning progresses.

Stumble into the kitchen, tired and hardly awake. Having a full light spectrum lamp helps waking up. Then, prepare some coffee and microwave some porridge. When waiting for everything to get ready, it's nice to sit down and watch the chili fruits we're drying and thinking about summer... then the microwave beeps and back to reality.

Feel free to leave comments and feedback (även på svenska).


Photo triplet: monochrome

15 October, 2011

Tags: fototriss, umeå

The Autumn colors are here and all around us and we had planed a trip to an arboretum close by with different kinds of trees from all over the world. A camera, peaceful nature and the sound of the river - a great way to spend a Saturday, specially when the sun is shining.

That didn't match the theme at fototriss, but on our way there, we passed by an old stone church from the 1500-hundreds which I thought would be great in black and white and make a triplet:

Church Gravestones Gate Feel free to leave comments and feedback (även på svenska).


Photo triplet: Can you guess the theme?

25 June, 2011

Tags: fototriss

Nice with a real long weekend and even better, I have time to participate with a photo triplet, unfortunately after this triplet there will be a summer break. Just when I have time and got started again! The theme at fototriss this week is pick your own theme and let's see if others can guess what it is.

Went on a trip with the camera to an old (medieval?) church which should be a nice photo spot, but as soon as we got into the car it started raining and when we arrived, it rained more than ever. We stayed in the car and decided to postpone the excursion and I'd come up with something for the triplet at home instead.

matches lighter match burning

So what do you think the theme is? I'll post the right answer as a comment tomorrow.


Photo triplet: many

15 May, 2011

Tags: fototriss, nature

New weekend, new theme over at fototriss. This time it's "many". The reason was that there has been several photo triplets with many different themes - so illustrate "many" with 3 images.

Got a couple of different ideas, but I felt something was missing. Many, many... then it struck me, I've taken many images very recently (about 2000 over a timespan of 3 days) and each individual image is not very interesting, but seen together they create something more. Perhaps the photo triplets are just like that, one triplet can be very interesting and beautiful, but seeing several different triplets expressing the same theme in different ways creates something more.

runner beans growing, 6h between each image

These three images were taken at 16.00, 22.00 an 04.00. They are part of a time-lapse experiment I made and turned into a short movie.

Feel free to leave comments and feedback (Även på svenska).


Photo triplet: dreams

08 May, 2011

Tags: fototriss, nature

I noticed that the photo triplet has returned after a few weeks pause. This time, the theme is dreams and after some breakfast coffee and some contemplation an idea was formed.

Plants and perhaps homegrown fruit/vegetables

Fruits and vegetables from the local store is okay, but homegrown things tastes better and we have some different plants we're taking good care of and dreams about what they'll give us later on this summer.

Yes, I know there won't be any lemons this year or the next but I can wait. Our passion fruit plants are about a year old and we're waiting and dreaming about fruit from them as well!

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